About the department of commercial equipment Group "Tensor". Yaroslavl.

In summer 2002 the Holding Tensor singled out  the Department of shop equipment (DSE)  in  individual direction.
Automation of trade points, that is based on the own program SBIS, began to develop  active to this time. This situation demanded providing of quality technical service of shop  equipment (including cash registers). But centers of technical service, that existed at the market at that time, could not provide this quality.  In this connection  the DSE closely began be occupied with this problem.
The highest requirements were presented to work of the DSE for realization of the put tasks:
 - repair of any model of equipment
 - excellent knowledge of document flow of cash register
 - twenty-four-hour  technical support (including work in a weekend and holidays)
It was obvious, that such organization of work led excellent results. The list of clients continually increases.
Today the DSE consists of 28 employees (including 15 engineers, 9 managers, 6 top-managers and 2 programmers). DSE uses four legal entities of the different systems of  taxation. Five offices work with a trade equipment in Yaroslavl, two offices work in Rostov and Pereslavl.
The DSE closely cooperates with other departments of Tensor:
 - department of programming develops  the program SBIS
 - department of technical service (company "VIRT") repairs all shop equipment
 - audit company "KVESTA" develops  the program 1C
 - department of competitions and corporate department helps to communicate with biggest and stable clients
The DSE tries not simple to sale a trade equipment, all staff  of the DSE always try maximally to explore the client's needs and to find the most suitable configuration for the client.
It should be noted that all staff  of DSE is  always responsible for their decision. If some client thinks that the DSE made a mistake or staff poorly worked, client gets his money back or return  bought equipment.

Evgeny Volkov